Satellite Symposia and Product Theaters

Message Delivery

If branding and networking are not enough to meet your objectives, several venues are available to deliver a message directly to your audience.

Product Theater

product-theaterLast year, SHM added an additional Product Theater to accommodate four more presentations and all were reserved and filled at, or over capacity. This year, SHM is adding more seats to each theater to accommodate 150 each. SHM provides buffet lunch or breaks to all theater attendees although you can purchase your own at an additional cost.

Satellite Symposium

When HM15 was held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, all Satellite Symposia were filled at or over capacity, even those held at the pre-reserved off-site venues. This year, SHM will be providing buffet dinners to all symposia attendees unless you choose to provide your own at an additional cost.

Advisory Boards/Focus Groups

Contact Kristin Scott at or 267-702-2604.